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Charlene Stevens Jenkins


I have so many testimonies...and I am so grateful to be alive!

I am Charlene Stevens-Jenkins. I've survived some of the most devastating issues I could only imagine. Two of the most difficult and heartbreaking journeys were battling breast cancer and the unexpected death of my husband. I literally thought at times that my life was over. The trauma, pain, hurt and disappointment seemed almost too much to bear. Truth is that life does go on and I can enjoy life again. I am a survivor, thriving and flourishing in life because of God's Grace. 

You can too. Life can be wonderful again.

If you’ve experienced hopelessness and despair, it's okay to admit these emotions. We all have our moments and seasons of trauma. I am praying for you to be filled with hope and the spirit of not only a survivor but an overcomer. 


You were made for a purpose, and that purpose is not destroyed by circumstances, negativity, pain nor trauma. We can use the pain and allow it to push us or pull us to the next chapter of our lives.


I am grateful to be able to share my journey to help, encourage and give you hope. I'm here for you and it's a good day to be alive!


Whatever your struggle, I want to support your survival and cheer for you as you thrive!  


Check out my monthly Blog and stay connected to me. 

Charlene Stevens Jenkins
Charlene Stevens Jenkins
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