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Count Down with Me

When we launched my website last October, we announced my first book, WHEN I WAS 40: Overcame Some Challenges, Still Learning and Growing would be coming soon. It’s here! I was writing my book at the time and was full of anticipation. Well. Guess what? My book is finished, and it became available for purchase online in the first week of August. I placed my first order immediately, and the estimated arrival was 3-4 weeks. Well...we prayed that God would cut that time in half. (Anticipation and expectation).  My book order arrived in less than 2 weeks!  Many people have read it and shared their favorite parts of the book with me.  I am so excited and grateful to everyone who shared with me, someone else and for posting a review.  One of my favorite quotes in my book:  “Regardless of where you turn, you cannot escape God’s will for you.” Those words were spoken by the preacher after service one night.  There's more of the story in Chapter 2, Still Called, Still Favored.  In case you’re wondering, I wrote this book to remind myself of how good God has been to me and to let you know that He can do the same for you.  Before I forget, I am excited about my Book signing on Saturday, September 12 at 1 pm.  Join me either FaceBook Live or at 296 Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville. Are you anticipating and expecting with me?  I hope so.  We will practice social distancing and still have a great time.  You don’t want to miss it.  If you come, you can enter your name in the drawing for a chance to win a FREE book.  I will give away two books Saturday.  I’m looking forward to seeing you and thank you for support!

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