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In-Dependence Day

The 4th of July is big! All week long we’ve been seeing reminders that it’s Independence Day and it’s time to celebrate our freedom!  I’m so grateful for having this opportunity, but guess what?  True freedom comes from Jesus Christ.  If you need help breaking free from some issues, let me tell you a little bit about Celebrate Recovery.  CR, as it is known all over the world, is a Christ-centered recovery program now in over 35,000 churches across the globe.  People hear the word “recovery” and think it’s just for individuals who have problems with drugs and alcohol.  It’s more than that.  It’s a 12-Step program that also uses 8 principles taken from the Bible.  Our Higher Power is Jesus Christ.  When He walked on the  earth, He healed people with an innumerable amount of diseases and afflictions.  He gave His disciples power to heal all manner of sickness and diseases.  Well, Jesus is still alive, and He is still able to heal and deliver today.  Celebrate Recovery helps us to walk in freedom from all kinds of stuff....anger, childhood hurts, codependency, sexual sins, name it, somebody has broken free because of the power of Jesus!  For more information visit to see what we do and to find a CR near you.  It’s great we’ve been able to celebrate Independence Day here in the United States.  What’s more important is being able to celebrate your freedom in Christ!

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