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Mothers, Moms, Mamas....Family!

Every May we have the wonderful opportunity to express appreciation for our Mothers. It could be a bittersweet time because some of us still have our Mothers and some do not. I am very grateful for my Mother, Jean Stevens and my second Mom, Patricia O’Nery. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!I love you and I thank God for you! If you no longer have your Mother, I want you to know that you are not forgotten. May God continue to strengthen you and encourage your heart. My goal today is to express my sincere gratitude for my three children: Paul Jr., Jessica and Camilla. God brought our family together. P.J. has two older sisters and they have a younger brother. They make me happy and proud to be a mother/step mom. We have a wonderful relationship and I thoroughly enjoy when all of us are together. Food, family and fun...that’s what we always share. I usually have at least one of them with me for Mother’s Day. Maybe you’re not able to be with your loved ones during this time. Children and parents, be creative. Don’t let the social distancing keep you from showing love to those special people in your life!

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