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Slow Down to Start Fresh

While sitting here looking at the title of my book WHEN I WAS 40, I started to wonder...what was it like for you at that age? Have you slowed down long enough to spend time reflecting? What happened that made you happy or sad, laugh or cry? What would you like to experience all over again? What took place that you wouldn’t want anyone else to go through? What have you said or done to positively impact others? Did you make any critical changes? Or did you just stay on the same road hoping for a different result? I know I have a habit of asking thought provoking questions. I’m inquisitive like that. I used to say nosey, but now I realize 'nosey' does not correctly define the desire to learn more. I like to make people think. You only live once. Live for God and try to make Him proud every step of the way. Psalm 111:10 NIV says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding. When you spend time meditating on the Word and in prayer, it’s easier to find out what God thinks about your situation. (Jeremiah 29:11). Finally, James 1:5 NIV says that if any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God. If you weren’t that proud of yesterday, it’s ok. Start somewhere. Today’s decisions lead to tomorrow’s destinations. Where will you end up? As long as you’re alive, you still have time to make course corrections, take a detour, or recalculate as needed. God’s mercies are new every morning. With each new day comes the opportunity to keep learning and growing.

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