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Spread Love: Live!

So, it’s February and people everywhere are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Well, I’m not going to talk about how I would have been married for seven years on February 14 if my husband would have lived---I’m happy for the short time we were together. I want to share that in the last few years, God has blessed me to encourage so many other singles and widows. Last semester I facilitated a home discipleship group, Kingdom Single by Dr. Tony Evans. At the end of the group I gave the attendees a card with this special message: Before Jesus went to the cross, He carried each of us in His heart. Now, we who believe in Christ Jesus have Him in our hearts and we’re NEVER alone. So while some of us may not be in a marriage or a dating relationship, we’re still not alone in this life. Jesus is ALWAYS with us! Let’s remember this truth...not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day. Live...Love..Live...Spread Love!

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