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Thanks Living Day

In November of 2013 I had a biopsy because a questionable lump was found with the 3D mammogram called tomosynthesis.  On the 25th, the Monday before Thanksgiving, my doctor called me with the results. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer!  I can still remember where I was, in my office preparing for a counseling session.  I had a patient in the lobby.  I had just enough time to call my husband and tell my supervisor.  By the way, my husband and I had just gotten married on Valentine’s Day!  Newlyweds aren’t supposed to be dealing with things like this.  We drove to my parents’ house to tell them in person.  We had Thanksgiving Dinner at home, our first as a blended family.  We weren’t sad and depressed.  We had learned from the Bible to bless the Lord at all times and in everything give thanks!  Today, I am so grateful that I’m still cancer free. I am grateful for thanks-living filled days to remind me of God's blessings.

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