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Reaching Out of Loneliness

This is has been quite an emotional time for me. This week marks the 6th anniversary of my husband's death. Ben passed away on Monday, December 15, 2014. I am still daunted in some ways by it. Some people may expect leaders to be almost superhuman and strong 24/7, however, leaders aren't superhuman nor strong through each and every season of life. I’m learning that it’s normal to feel the pain of loneliness. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, which has presented a forced loneliness on top of what we may have already been dealing with. I discovered from the Bible that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5b). I have learned that moving forward to pursue a new friendship does not erase the memory of the previous loved one. Over the years it has helped that I keep myself busy and occupied. I still work full-time. I enjoy time with family. I have my Celebrate Recovery family and we have weekly Zoom meetings. I have mentors, mentees and peers that I communicate with. I’ve written a book. If I just stayed isolated and to myself, I would remain in a sad, lonely place. However, if I do what God has called me to do and share the love of Jesus with others, it’s inevitable for me to be helped and encouraged also. I've discovered that even in the middle of a moment of sadness, I can still find peace and joy as I stay focused on being in God’s presence and encouraging and praying for others. Jesus Christ experienced the ultimate loneliness when He felt forsaken by His Father. (Matthew 27:46). However, He continued to fulfill the mission: His death, burial and resurrection to save us and bring us into fellowship with God. He did not allow temporary separation and aloneness to stop Him from bridging the gap for us. Because NO ONE will ever experience a loneliness like Jesus did, He’s the One we have to look to when we’re experiencing it. What has God given you to do? Do you feel like you need to reach out to someone today? Walk in obedience. Helping that person could be the answer you need to overcoming your lonely place. If you’re still struggling and need some help, then reach out to me or to someone. I’m inviting you to join my next Overcoming Loneliness session on December 24 & 25. If you missed the first one, you still have two more opportunities. Finally, while we anticipate what God has in store for our future, let us also express gratitude for the experiences of the past. God can repurpose our pain. Let's look to Him.

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