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Celebrate with me

It’s been two years since I posted a picture letting everyone know I finished the book I started in November 2018.

I'm celebrating and reflecting on that journey. WHEN I WAS 4O was filled with pivotal moments in my life. I think about the subtitle Overcame Some Challenges, Still Learning and Growing, and I am grateful. Though I finished the book, like most people I still face challenges. With God’s help and the support and prayers of loved ones, I am still overcoming, learning, and growing.

I love hearing from people who have read my book telling me it helped in some way. It’s such a blessing to hear about what they’ve learned to keep moving forward.

Last year, I met a young man in his twenties who wondered how he could benefit from reading WHEN I WAS 40. A person that age can discover what to avoid and how to respond to situations differently. I challenged him to read it with an open mind and that if he didn’t learn anything, I’d refund his money. I think he read it because I have not received a refund request! But seriously, I don't think anyone should

get stuck on the title and think you can’t relate because of your age. I’m proud to say that readers in their twenties to eighties have expressed how much my book has helped them. So, I need you to help me celebrate these two years. I’m asking each of you who’ve read it to post a sentence or two. I’m sure something you say will help another person. I thank you in advance!

Just so you know, at the beginning of each chapter I share something I experienced when I was 40. Then I share what I learned, and how I’ve grown since that time, and each chapter ends with reflection questions. I've been told it would be ideal for a personal or group study. Check it out where books are sold and at the local library. I would love to hear from you. @charlenestevensjenkins on all social platforms. I’m here to encourage, inspire and motivate! For previous blogs and more information, visit I’m praying for you!

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