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Growing or Stagnant?

My Daddy does lawn care for quite a few people, including me, and during certain months the grass isn’t growing so he doesn't need a lawnmower. I'm glad the grass grows without my interference or work because though I can water plants and follow basic instructions I do not have a 'green thumb.' As I was looking over the yard this week, I noticed the green grass coming up from the ground. Where was that grass these last few months? Well, if you’re a gardener, you already know that the lawn stops growing in the winter if the cooler temperatures are around long enough. Also being exposed to less sunlight plays a role in grass growth during this time of the year because of the lower angle of the sun and shorter days. Some plants automatically die in the fall and winter but come back in the spring and summer. Some may thrive year-round. I’ve learned that dormancy and stagnation have their purpose in the outdoors with nature but are detrimental to the development of healthy relationships. I've learned that in life, or more specifically in relationships, stagnation can take place when we fail to properly tend to the needs of the other person. I mention this in the introduction of my book When I Was 40. “Find yourself growing instead of remaining stagnant as I once was.” As I share in the book, when I felt I was no longer growing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, I chose to remove myself from the marriage. When I moved out, I no longer needed medication for depression and anxiety. I am not recommending that you walk away from your stagnant relationship unless you are in harm’s way. In that case, your safety is the priority. I do suggest that you figure out where you are -- growing or stagnant -- and discuss your future goals. Pray together. I Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” I also mentioned in the first chapter of my book that when we stopped praying together, our problems compounded. I have learned that prayer in a marriage is like water to plants. What would happen if we never received the rain when it falls? Drought. That could be the difference between your growth and stagnation. God fashioned the first marriage, Adam and Eve, and I believe we increase our chances of having success in our marriages and other relationships when He is allowed to be the Master Gardener. Choose to grow. Avoid stagnation. I'm praying for you!

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