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Out of time, No more birthdays

Every now and then we need to encounter something that helps us to view things from a different perspective. I originally planned to talk about ‘halftime’ since the first half of 2021 is already behind us. I talk about that in the first part of my book, WHEN I WAS 40, which focuses on the span of time just before my forty-first birthday. Sometimes people refer to this time in life as halftime. Think about halftime in a football game, in which the team reviews the first half of the game then makes the necessary changes in strategy and attitude to play better and win in the second half. (You can read more about that in my blog ‘Halftime Anytime,’ November 2020, Truth is, none of us know when we’ve reached our halfway point in life. Just because I experienced what I considered “halftime” when I was 40, it does not mean I’m going to live until I’m 80. It would be nice if I surpassed that. Since I have no idea of how many more birthdays I can celebrate, I should live as if there is NO time left. We operate differently when we know we’re running out of time. We move faster and do only what is most important. Jesus teaches about this with the parable of the rich fool in the bible, Luke 12:16-21. That man would have responded so differently if he knew he would not live to see the morning. Let’s keep this perspective in mind since tomorrow is not promised to us. When we think we have plenty of time to achieve our dreams, goals, and plans, we may not move with much urgency. Let’s remember that when we go to sleep at night, it’s only by the grace of God that we wake up the next day. What has God told you to do? Who do you need to encourage today? Where are you in your relationship with God? Let’s not live like we’re at halftime. Let’s live like we have no time. Let’s get to work on whatever we’ve been instructed to do. At age 12 Jesus told his parents of the need to be about his Father’s business (Luke 12:42-49). What’s stopping you? You think you’re too young? Too old? Let’s make the most of every minute, every second God gives us. Let’s not imagine being at halftime. Let’s imagine that the game is ending in the next 60 seconds. I’m working on what I’ve been called to do. What will YOU do with the time you have left? What if this is going to be your final day here? If you’re not where you need to be and you’re still alive, recalibrate now. Remember, I’m praying for you.

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Patricia O'Nery
Patricia O'Nery
Jul 18, 2021

I praise God for you my dear daughter in Christ. Yes, sometimes I am at the halftime in my life. But God in His sovereignty blesses me with strength to keep it moving. Just when I think I am out of wind, God sends me a breath of fresh air and new rain to carry me on to see what the end will be. Thank you for this nugget of truth, I appreciate you and the word God sends thru you to refresh His people.

God Bless and keep you always is my prayer

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