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Rethinking Victory

I know we’re in the last few days of April, but do me a favor? Head on over to Facebook and watch my Easter Sunday morning ‘live.’ It’s brief, but very thought provoking. I talked about what Easter means to me and I posed a key question: Is the Resurrection a reality for you? Over the years, many have heard about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus but never accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Instead, many view a story; one similar to great men in history, and even some compare Christ to Buddha and others as a myth of a past figure. Truth is, Christ cannot not be fairly or equally compared to anyone who has ever lived. He is the Son of God. Believing in Christ Jesus in truth as the risen Savior and Lord of your life changes everything. Everything about life on the earth and death. Once we have made that step, we are walking and living as new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Are we perfect? Not at all. Will we still make mistakes? Of course, we will. The Lord is with us, and it doesn’t matter what we face, we are already victorious. Jesus won the victory over death, hell, and the grave when God raised him from death. That means all of His followers, those of us who believe and are called by His name, we are also victorious. The tomb is empty. Jesus lives. Those words should give us hope whenever we feel hopeless. In His most difficult hours, Christ chose to follow the plan of God our Father because He knew that His death would give us life. More abundant life here and eternal life in heaven. So when we face challenges and difficulties, we must remind ourselves that the battles are not ours, they’re the Lord’s. As we’re overcoming our hurts, habits and hang ups, failures, shortcomings, traumas, fears, and character defects, we can’t forget that we are not fighting FOR victory, we’re fighting FROM victory. Our enemy—the devil—satan-- is already defeated, and he doesn’t want us to remember that. We have already won. So, each day, let’s look in the mirror and speak what God’s Word says about us, and the problems and situations we encounter. We are not victims. We are victors. Knowing that will help us face each obstacle with a renewed mindset and a changed outlook. Jesus already won, so we are also winners. Victorious. That’s who we are. So let’s walk in it. DM, email, call me. Let’s communicate. I’m here to encourage, inspire and motivate. I’m praying for you!

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