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Giants Fall

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Earlier in the month I talked about how we can fall forward and into God’s loving arms. We can get back up. If you haven’t read it yet, visit, I’m sure you will enjoy it. I still have more to share with you about falling. As I worked in the yard the other day, I noticed a gentle breeze and leaves falling, which is normal this time of year. This brought to mind a situation in the bible that wasn’t normal at all. In the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel chapter 17, it wasn't normal to see a giant fall. Goliath was literally a giant of a man, an undefeated warfighter, who was quite confident that he would remain that way. Everyone knew his reputation as an undefeated champion and expected that day to be no different--- everyone but David. Read about how David was obeying his father when he walked into this challenge of a lifetime. It was a standoff between two enemies. He heard Goliath bullying and openly resisting the army of Israel. David was a very young man when he arrived on the scene just to drop off lunch for his brothers. He was falsely accused by his oldest brother of trying to be someone that he was not, but David was indeed a brave warrior who could not stand to listen to Goliath's threats against God's people. Can you just see David boldly confronting a giant whose thunderous voice and rage paralyzed everyone but him. Why? David knew God's presence in his life and recalled times before where he saw God help him defeat unexpected enemies. David believed this time would be no different. His stepped forward on the battlefield with this kind of confidence. Goliath and David went toward each other. Goliath was shocked and defeated. He underestimated the power of God in the ordinary things He chooses to conquer giants in our lives. In this case, David used his slingshot to bring down Goliath who planned to kill him and destroy everyone else. That day the army of Philistines and the army of the Israelites saw Goliath die. Just like David, in obeying his father, ended up being used by God, we can also end up in places where our Heavenly Father instructs us to go where we will face opposition. In every situation we have to keep moving forward. We cannot take our focus away from our Heavenly Father. In fact, if we pay attention we will find that we already have just what we need. Yes, the giant is big, but our God is SO MUCH BIGGER. We will encounter situations that seem scary, we may feel alone...but we're not. At times we may not know how we’ll make it through, but God does. Remember what happened in David's situation. As Goliath ranted and felt unthreatened, David told Goliath, 'you will fall today because God is on my side.' Let’s do the same. God watches over His Word to perform it. Let’s call those things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17) and watch God work out those situations for His glory. If any of us are facing some giants today, let's be encouraged. Our bravery can motivate others to act. Remember, the battle is not yours or mine. It belongs to the Lord, and giants do fall. I’m praying for you.

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