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The Struggle is Real...

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

January has passed, seemingly at a breakneck speed. But ok, here goes: Happy New Year (still)!

Welcome to February! If you’ve been following my blogs since the beginning, October 2019, THANK YOU! I have covered many topics from monthly trends, my book, and of course breast cancer awareness. This year, I’ll shift my focus to write about recovery and support. In my book, When I was 40, I write about overcoming some experiences that challenged me. I made it through---scrapes, bruises, and bumps—and overcame.

I’ve been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2006, and I am still learning and growing. I’ve served as the Celebrate Recovery (CR) Ministry Leader at Live Oak Church in Hinesville, GA for several years. Both roles have obviously impacted and encouraged me, and I am convinced that help is available to anyone. I am convinced that people need to hear more about the healing and freedom that so many of us have been receiving from Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered 12 Step program. CR started at California’s Saddleback Church in 1991 with 45 people. Now, CR is in over 35,000 churches around the world. CR uses the same 12 Steps found in AA and NA, and in addition we have 8 Recovery Principles found in the Bible. CR is not just for people struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol. I repeat. CR is for everyone. Jesus is our Higher Power and He has the power to help us deal with each one of our hurts, hang ups, habits, issues, problems, or whatever. Many people are struggling, and many are hurting. You do not have to struggle alone. CR is not therapy. CR is an amazing support group of real people. CR has grown in the last 30 years because it helps people break free. There is no cost or fees associated with CR. To find a CR near you, head on over to and select ‘Locator.’ Catch up on all of my blogs and order my book at To reach me, just call, email or DM. Let’s communicate.

I’m still here to encourage, inspire and motivate. I’m praying for you.

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