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I’m only 5 ft tall and I have to work hard to maintain a healthy weight for my stature because I love to eat and I love sweets. In the back of my book, I have pictures from my 40th and 50th birthdays. When comparing the two, it’s obvious that I was heavier when I was 40. In Chapter 6, Visible Difference, I reflect on who I was then and who I am becoming. We can make changes in our physical appearances if we’re not pleased. It’s even more critical to make changes for our health and quality of life. Let’s do a #WhoAreYouChallenge to reflect on the part of your life that is not obvious to the rest of the world. What are you like and who are you when no one is watching? That’s the person I want you to study. You don’t have to share with anyone because the goal is for YOU to recognize who you are and where you are. In my bedroom, closet, and bathroom I have six stationary mirrors and a hand mirror to help me get a really good view of any blind spots. Most of the mirrors were already in my home and I use them daily. Think about the blind spots we encounter while driving. That’s why our vehicles have the rearview and two exterior mirrors. I learned in my high school driver’s education class that those mirrors are supposed to be used very often. I later learned how to adjust my car’s exterior mirrors to eliminate blind spots. So, what happens if we don’t use our mirrors in the house or in the car? We have blind spots. We can leave home and look less than our best. More seriously, we can get into a deadly crash. If natural mirrors are so important, then what about the spiritual? God’s Word is just like a mirror. The more we reflect on what the Bible says, the more we will see how to live better and see where we need to make some changes for a quality life, beginning with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will notice differences in how we look on the inside and experience life differently because of it. We are new creatures according to Second Corinthians chapter 5 and 17 in the Bible. The longer we walk with Jesus Christ, we will think and act more and more like Jesus. And since we’re reflecting, let’s take a moment to also see our history in the mirrors of our lives. Let’s think back on our roots and our heritage. It’s Black History Month. Let’s be proactive in reading and teaching our children about the accomplishments and the struggles of our forefathers and trailblazers. We can learn so much just by reflecting on the sacrifices, the sufferings, the perseverance and the victories of the past and present. I am so proud of my heritage and knowing my history helps me to be more grateful because I know God is our help in every generation. It helps me want to leave a legacy for someone else to one day read and reflect on.

Take the #whoareyouchallenge with me today. Father God, in Jesus' Name, help each of my friends reading this today to discover who they are and gain clarity for their lives. Amen.

#WhoAreYouChallenge Mirror

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